Erin Bauwens

Erin BauwensYear: Class of 2014, J.D. expected in 2017
Undergraduate Major: Political science
Undergraduate Minor: Strategic management
Current Internship: Legal intern at Rolinski & Suarez, LLC

Do you work with any SU Alumni? If so, in what capacity?
Yes I do—my boss, Sylvia Rolinski, Esq. Sylvia graduated from Syracuse in 1981 with degrees in psychology and social work. She’s the founding partner of the firm I work for and is my direct supervisor. We work together daily on case matters.

How did you find out about your current position?
Samantha Clemence [Maxwell-in-Washington program coordinator at Syracuse University] helped me out when I told her I was looking for legal internships. I was part of the Maxwell-in-Washington program in fall 2012, so she forwarded me my current boss’s information. I emailed Sylvia and we talked on the phone; I explained my legal interests and she offered me the position.

What excites you the most about this opportunity?
My boss trusts me to handle a lot on my own, even though I haven’t started law school yet. Its extremely substantive and she has me doing everything from legal research to client correspondence, attending meetings, and drafting motions. She’s also teaching me a lot and will always correct me when necessary, so I’m learning useful skills that will help me a lot when I begin law school this fall.

How does your position relate to your career goals?
I’m doing real legal work and working on many different types of law, such as immigration law, corporate litigation, and miscellaneous pro bono work. It’s giving me plenty of exposure into different specializations and I am figuring out more about what I want to focus and practice as an attorney. Right now, I am leaning towards corporate litigation.

What is your favorite activity to do in the city in your free time?
My favorite thing I have done so far was visiting the Supreme Court. My friend got me a seat in the front row to hear the Supreme Court announce opinions last week, and being in the same room as the Justices was breathtaking. Otherwise, I love going running in my spare time. DC has a ton of open space and free parks (including the zoo) so it’s a great place to exercise.